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Shabbatinista™ from the Tribe of Judah shares irrefutable biblical, historical, and archeological proof and support for who the true, biblical Black Hebrew descendants of Yisrael around the globe are today. 12 Tribes, we got next!

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It's official. Cousin Dan is tracing the roots of many of the followers of Menno Simons. He'll start out by flying to a region of Paraguay known as the chaco, or, more properly, el chaco. From there he'll hit Europe -- first the Netherlands and Switzerland, then on to west Germany and east Germany and the Ukraine and parts of Russia, then will fly (supposedly first class) back to North America via Canada, then down into the plains states and to Pennsylvania. Though he believes the Amish, who…

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The land of ancient Israel, the Isralites was divided into 11 sections corresponding with 11 of the 12 tribes, which are based on the 12 sons of Jacob. There is an inconsistency, though, since one of the sons/tribes was not assigned land, yet there are still 12 tribes. The state of Israel that exists today is nothing like the ancient Israel. Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel, had two wives and two concubines by whom he had 12 sons and a daughter. Jacob's favorite wife was Rachel who…

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