Trick riding

Take your riding skills to the next level with trick riding. Explore top ideas and techniques to dazzle the crowd and create unforgettable performances.
Rodeo Cowboys | 43A: Cowboy's showcase: RODEO. What a daring RODEO Girl ! Horse Tack, Rodeo Life, Country, Horse Riding, Show Horses, Cowgirl And Horse, Horseback Riding, Horse Crazy, Trick Riding

Theme: In Praise of Flattery 18A: Start of Samuel Johnson quote: JUST PRAISE 28A: Part 2 of quote: IS ONLY A DEBT 49A: Part 3 of quote: BUT FLATTERY 64A: End of quote: IS A PRESENT From "The Rambler" # 155. I have difficulty grokking this rambling quote. Samuel Johnson did think FLATTERY was more superior than PRAISE, right? I am simply so confused by the weird grammatical structure of "JUST PRAISE IS ONLY A DEBT". It sounds so wrong. Not a bad puzzle, I like the lower middle part: SURGE…

Chrissy Meade Rice