Types of knives

Discover the essential types of knives that every kitchen needs. From chef's knives to paring knives, find the perfect tools to enhance your culinary skills and create amazing meals.
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Japanese kitchen knives have developed from simple, heavy blades (similar to Deba), which come in many well-thought-out forms used for precisely determined tasks. The great classic trio are Deba, Usuba and Yanagiba, which are especially useful for traditional Japanese cuisine. But, we will start with the knives that are most commonly used, and continue with more task-specific knives. GYUTO (Chef's knife) Japanese version of a Western-style main kitchen knife (chef's knife). The major…

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This guide is for the inquisitive home cook to learn about the most common types of kitchen knives and their uses. Upgrade your tools, and it might seem like anything is possible in the kitchen. Maybe you’ve just purchased a kitchen knives set and realized you don’t actually know what each is meant for. Maybe you’ve had a knife set for a while, and you’re starting to wonder how the ones you never use might make your life easier. Either way, understanding the different types of knives and how…