Ugliest wedding dress funny

Prepare to be amused by these hilariously ugly wedding dresses. From outrageous designs to questionable fashion choices, these dresses will leave you in stitches. Take a look and have a good laugh!
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Advertisement Bubble Queen Someone poured bubble bath into the Jacuzzi, and got carried away. Or, maybe someone perched her atop a parade float. At least she has made a clean sweep on her wedding day as she appears to be swept up in the poofy skirt and veil. The gauntlet and upper arm intricate lace […] - Part 12

Sheila Ebinger
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Advertisement Parachute Bride Talk about taking risks. This bride looks like she’s ready to take the big leap of her life. However, jumping out of an airplane would probably be an easier feat than attempting to get her down the aisle without her wedding dress overflowing into the audience filled with surprised guests. If she […] - Part 48

Joy Brown
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I don't know about you, but whenever I hear about a wedding I immediately imagine something classy and glamorous, with a touch of the couple's style. That touch may be brought out by colors, music selections, how they styled their invitations, or how they do their wedding vows - but sometimes people really go overboard to make their wedding their own.