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The bridesmaids should never outshine the bride. Some brides, however, seem to be taking this to the extreme when dressing up their maids of honor. Or maybe time changes fashion trends so much, that after some the style that was "in" starts to look simply ridiculous. Either way, Bored Panda has collected a series of vintage bridesmaids dresses that are so funny, that you'll probably feel sorry for the women who wore them.

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Well the wedding is only 37 weeks away and so far Pete and I have organised the venue. I know what style dress I want, I have my shoes and I have the fabric to make the bridesmaids dresses but I am still trying to determine what length I want them to be. My best girls are getting excited (which is so cool to watch) and I have been e-mailing them with questions about colour options and preferences and I am going to e-mail them a scan of the fabric samples and dress design. They have a great…

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Brides get all the attention, even fictional ones. Like every wedding guest, television and movie viewers are all waiting to see the wonder or monstrosity that is the bridal gown while the bridesmaids’ attire goes unnoticed — unless they look…

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Have you ever looked through your parents' old wedding photos and found them to be completely hilarious? You might think your mother's dress was funny, but have you ever looked at the bridesmaids? You might be surprised by the bride's ingenuity!

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