Uss enterprise ncc 1701

Delve into the rich history and enduring legacy of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701. Discover fascinating trivia, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and explore the iconic starship that has captured the imaginations of millions.
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Star Trek Products By Star Trek has a long history and has become the most culturally influential show on television to this very day. Starfleet in all it's glory would be nothing without a few ships. Of the few ships in their fleet several of them had to be a little more than just powerful. Some needed speed! In this little top 10 we will give you Starfleets fastest ships. 1. USS Monitor, Nebula Class. The Nebula-class shared a similar design lineage with its larger…

Fabián Prates
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This is a passion project of mine. It's what started me on studying CG in the first place, watching Star Trek as a kid. I always wanted to do this ship, but I never felt like my ability was up to it until last year when I decided to just give it a try. A few iterations later, I started from scratch earlier this year and finished the exterior a couple of weeks ago. The rest of the project will entail an internal structure and interiors so that I can have images of the ship in construction and…

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USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D (Galaxy class) Mesh created an textured in Cinema 4D R16 Textures created in Photoshop CC 1,085,803 polygons, 824 MB RAM used Textures: three 4096×4096 sets (color, normal, spec), one 3072×3072 set, one 1703×1703 set, one 866×1024 set

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