Venus and mars

Delve into the fascinating mythology behind Venus and Mars. Discover the captivating stories and symbolism associated with these ancient Roman gods.
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Venus and Mars, the two cosmic lovers, meet once every two or so years and when they do, the heavens light up with the sparkle of pure, potential Love. Venus and Mars are representative of soul mates, they are the divine feminine and masculine and when they meet they promote love, passion, commitment and fertility. …

Intuitive Astrology: Venus and Mars Conjunction July 2021 - Forever Conscious Astrology, Retro, Venus Astrology, Intuition, Venus And Mars, Full Moon, Celestial Bodies, Venus, Goddess Of Love

Venus and Mars will align in the sky on July 13, 2021, at 19 degrees of Leo, shining down creativity, harmonizing any imbalances, and activating soulmate and twin flame contracts. Venus is the Goddess of Love and Mars is the Fearless Warrior. While they come together exactly on July 13, we are going to feel […]

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