Viking designs

Discover the power and beauty of Viking designs for tattoos and artwork. Explore top ideas for creating a bold and meaningful statement with Norse-inspired symbols and imagery.
Viking Compass design.

The historical setting of the time might also have played a role in cementing the vegvisir’s viking connection. The 1800s in Europe was characterised by national romanticism, bringing with it the “Viking revival“, which saw a renewed interest in Norse history and mythology in the Nordic region as well as Germany, the UK and the US.

Mooniya Willu

Focus the radiation, set sights to the paradoxical happenings.Colonies of resistance form.Consistent clockwork throughout every parallel world.All will transpire at precisely the same moment. Yet, …

詮恩 林
the mask of the god, valknut and the crow - design for axe

Axe designed by Sergey Arzamastsev. Connect with them on Dribbble; the global community for designers and creative professionals.

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