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The Hitchhiking Craze: When Women Thumbed a Ride - Flashbak Fotos, Styl, Inspo, Fotografie, Fotografia, Fred, Aesthetic, Ikon, Moda

The idea of a female hopping into a random stranger’s car is so foreign to today, that it almost seems impossible that a world existed where this was actually a thing. It likely was never actually a safe practice for females, but was a highly popular means of transport for girls in the hippy era. … Continue reading "The Hitchhiking Craze: When Women Thumbed a Ride"

Joseph E. Saad
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Renowned BC artist, Merle Somerville, has entitled this collection “Woodstock on Wheels”. These images are reflective of the Festival Express — a chartered Canadian National Railway train consisting of 14 cars in which many of the Woodstock performers, including Janis Joplin and The Grateful Dead, traveled; the Festival Express journeyed with the performers across Canada stopping in Toronto, Winnipeg and Calgary and become a continuation of non-stop jam sessions and partying. The train was…

Kiera Schlosser
A hippie walking with his kid in Vondelpark, Amsterdam in 1968 People, Joan Baez, Fotografie, Fotografia, Hippie Man, Fotos, Mor, Anos 60, 70s

Tony Riera is the author of many great images. Below an interesting photo -a hippie with his kid- was taken in Vondelpark, Amsterdam in 1968. Photo by Tony Riera. If you have you ever wondered who they are, we let you know that they are actor Sandy van der Linden, who known for Love Comes Quietly (1973) and Vader en zoon (1974), and his daughter Radha.

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