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Make a difference in your community by volunteering your time. Learn how to maximize your impact and find rewarding opportunities to give back through volunteer hours.
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Drawing by E (age 14) Do your teens volunteer? Are you aware of which volunteer activities count toward college scholarships? Are they keeping a log of their volunteer hours? A(age 17) has had some luck with "young leader" type scholarships that ask for a record of volunteer hours. One of the scholarships she applied for and received was from a Christian liberal arts university, and so counted hours spent teaching Sunday school (she teaches the 4th-6th grade class at our church) and VBS, in…

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How To Teach Character Education in Your Homeschool Without A Curriculum (Part 3) – Documentation and Record Keeping - Relax, It's Only Homeschooling Volunteer Hours Log, Volunteer Schedule, Volunteer Activities, Student Volunteer, Volunteer Services, Volunteer Programs, Volunteer Forms, Sign In Sheet Template, Sign Templates

In part 1 of our series "How to Teach Character Education in Your Homeschool Without a Curriculum," we discussed the importance of Laying the Foundation of faith in your family. In Part 2 of our series, we shared with you some great reads and demonstrated the steps we use to teach Godly character and foster

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In this case, it would be important if you had a volunteer timesheet. You can download a volunteer timesheet templates and use it to create a task schedule for those who have agreed to volunteer and work with you.

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