Warhammer inquisitor

Dive into the thrilling universe of Warhammer Inquisitor and discover epic battles, powerful characters, and immersive storytelling. Join the fight against chaos and heresy in this action-packed role-playing game.
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The magos cover art, johan grenier

I got the privilege to paint the infamous eisenhorn. This cover art was really fun to do, especially the work on his judgemental face :). For once i'm happy with the background too as it offers a nice support for the main character. the book will be available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/coming-soon/february/the-magos-ebook.html

Цветан Иванов
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Inquisitor Jenita Huln, Lucas Örström

Inquisitor Jenita Huln of the Ordo Xenos had recieved word of suspected Xenos activity on planet Aurelia Secundus. The nature of the information and location of the planet had her instinct tell her that the threat would possibly be much greater than it appeared. For this mission she decided to requisitioned the help of the Deathwatch and asked her trusted ally from many missions past Agamemnon to acompany her down to the sight of investigation. Her suspicions were right. What she found was…


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