Water lessons

Engage your kids with fun and educational water lessons. Discover hands-on activities and experiments to teach them about the importance of water and conservation.
Free Natural Resources download such as this web "We Use Water For...", also "Soil is important for" ; "Air is important for..." ; "Trees give us..." Trees, Water, Art, Natural Resources, Resources, Free, Download, Natural, Fantasy

Hello Everyone! You should have heard the OOOOH's and AHHHH's today during math. Yes, math!! :) We continued our exploration of symmetry today by creating our own sensational symmetrical shapes. I know you have probably all done this before, but the kids loooooved it, so I thought I'd share. The kids had a plain manilla piece of construction paper. They had to decide whether they wanted to fold their paper to find the line of symmetry vertically or horizontally. Then they got to squirt a few…

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