Weaving tools

Get started on your weaving journey with the right tools. Discover the top weaving tools and supplies that every beginner needs to create beautiful and intricate woven designs.
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So, you’ve just started weaving (or have for a while) and you love it! But, you are OVERWHELMED with where to purchase some of the most basic weaving tools and supplies. When you do a google search, you are brought to sites for every type of weaving: rigid heddle loom weaving, square loom weaving, stick weaving, and everything in between. You have just discovered that the world of weaving is much bigger than you thought! I know exactly how you feel. That was my experience when I first…

Alisha Randolph
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As much as I love working with bone and horn, I have enjoyed carving various hardwoods into craft tools. Below is a selection of tools used for needle binding, braiding or weaving. All have been carved from either boxwood, ironwood, ash or bamboo. The image below shows four slightly different styles of weaving shuttle. The weft thread is wound onto the shuttle to be passed through the shed in the warp threads. These styles are based on shuttle designs that have been in existence for many…