Wedding Kimono

Make a statement on your wedding day with a stunning wedding kimono. Discover the top designs that will add elegance and tradition to your celebration.
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Japanese Wedding Attire

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7 Stunning Wedding Dresses Made From Traditional Japanese Kimonos

Have you ever thought about getting married in a kimono? The beautiful white Western wedding dress might be every girl's dream, but you might change your mind after seeing these extraordinary dresses! Kimono fabrics combined with the classy Western wedding dress construction, the result is absolutely amazing! Furthermo

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Kimono Q&A: Wedding Kimono

From Danye-Angel on DeviantArt: (...)"I was hoping you could help me out with wedding kimonos, please? I keep researching and I can't figure out how many kimonos does a bride wear from the engagement to the end of her wedding day. Some say two, others say three. X. X Also, someone told me that the bride usually wears a flower with a personal meaning in her hair, is that correct?? If they have some common flowers, do you know which are, please?? And which accessories do they use?"(...)…


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