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Set the mood and keep the party going with the perfect wedding playlist for your reception. Discover top songs that will have everyone dancing all night long.
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Jan 23, 2021 - Discover the top 5 must-have wedding playlists on Epik Weddings and elevate your big day with the perfect music - start planning your ultimate playlist now!

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Graphics by Threadhoney Samantha may not have had a Chipwich before (Still weird.) but one thing we do have in common is our love for weddings. Specifically… wedding DANCING! Going to weddings is one of my all time favorite activities because the mix of pop songs, motown, MJ and other classics is just really, truly my …

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Wedding planning can get stressful! So we have put together this summer wedding playlist to keep you cool and collected, and the dance floor hot and pumping!

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We polled over 500 wedding DJs, married couples, and wedding guests to ask them about wedding reception music. We asked them to give us about 10 of

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Finding the best wedding dance songs isn't exactly easy. So we tapped the hippest DJ in the wedding world to recommend his reception tested go-to jams and make a wedding playlist guaranteed to get everyone, young and old, on the dance floor.

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But whether or not you're having a professional DJ, or a self-selected shuffle, we've compiled a massive list of wedding songs to help you pick music for every key moment of your wedding. Read on to find the perfect song for every moment of the day.