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Explore the world of weird photography and capture mesmerizing and unconventional moments. Get inspired by the top ideas to create your own unique and intriguing photographs.
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25-year-old Russian artist Ellen Sheidlin, known as Sheidlina, invites us to her creative, weird, and whimsical fantasy world that is her Instagram feed. Her photos are not your regular perfect shots we are used to seeing; she takes her craft to another level by combining photography, digital art, fashion, and makeup. Her bizarre ideas and compositions can be uncomfortable but utterly impressive at the same time, causing strong reactions and interpretations—and for this reason, her work is…

Tanja Paff
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Juul Kraijer (1970, The Netherlands) is a visual artist. Since graduating from the Rotterdam Academy of Fine Arts in 1994 her meticulous, exploratory methods have yielded an authentic, consistent oeuvre of predominantly drawings and photographs that has been exhibited widely and won numerous awards. She writes: "My works share an emblemata-like concision. In each image, the figure looms out of an undefined background. Definition of time is absent, no hint of a narrative is present. The…

Guy Chevalier