When i die

Explore profound thoughts and reflections on life and death. Contemplate the meaning of existence and find inspiration to live a meaningful life while you can.
Many people will live in #regret for what they did not say or do. #Live each day as if it were to be your last. We never know when its our #time to walk on. Favorite Quotes, Best Quotes, Awesome Quotes, Wise Words, Words Of Wisdom, Tomorrow Quotes, Die Quotes, When I Die, Emotions

If you can’t tell me those words now, don’t bother telling me when I can’t hear it anymore. Life is unpredictable. Anything can happen in a blink of an eye. Yet people don’t value each other. Some parents wait until they die to leave what they have to their children instead of enjoying together while they are alive. ~ Alby Menicatti Right now tell your love ones how you love them so much. Actions speak so much louder than words so don’t just speak words but put action behind them. If you…

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