White stone

Discover the beauty and versatility of white stone with these elegant and timeless ideas. Create a stunning and sophisticated look for your home or outdoor space with white stone accents.
Calacatta Delicatto is a creamy off-white color with subtle and unique cold veining and is great for book-matching, waterfalls, and end matching. These rare and exotic slabs can be used to compliment any design from ultra modern to highly detailed elegance. Multiple finishes are available and/or can be applied. Calacatta Delicatto Design, Texture, Calacatta, Italian Marble, Marble Countertops, Marble Tiles, Kitchen Marble, White Granite, Granite Colors

If marble could be described as a work of art, Calacatta Crema Delicato would be the masterpiece. Its milky, creamy, delicate appearance is unparalleled in quality, making it the perfect choice for those who crave sophisticated elegance. This marble will transport you to a place of refined beauty, where every surface is a canvas waiting to be adorned. Don't settle for anything less than the best - indulge in the magnificence of Calacatta Crema Delicato.

V Vu
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CHIARO DI LUNA is a White Marble covering in irregularly shaped ashlars with cleft sides and small to medium size, the sawn back allows bonding but it is also available in solid ashlars in the Muro version. A marble with a white background and pinkish and yellow-brown shades, with a sparkling richness of shades, in Opus incertum pattern with semi-dry installation in which the shaping and roughing of the ashlars takes place by the installer's hand and skill. The covering can be completed with…

Anna Kukushkina