Wild lettuce

Explore the numerous health benefits of wild lettuce and how it can support your well-being. Incorporate this herbal remedy into your routine for a holistic approach to wellness.
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60 - 400Mg Vegetarian Capsules Common Names: Wild Lettuce, Opium Lettuce Botanical Name: Lactuca virosa Wild Lettuce or Opium Lettuce grows wild throughout the United States, Europe, and much of the world. It is treated as an invasive weed by many people who simply do not know the true vaue of this herb.

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Wild lettuce is regarded as the wild counterpart of the commercial lettuce you can buy at the supermarket. Although it is far more bitter than cultivated lettuce, it has greater nutritional and medicinal qualities.

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How To Identify, Grow, and Process Wild Lettuce For Survival When someone first hears about Wild Lettuce, they usually begin asking questions. The first two questions are usually “what the heck is wild opium lettuce?” and “why should I care”? But, once you understand all the benefits of opium lettuce, more questions come to mind....

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