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Explore a collection of unique and beautiful wire jewelry patterns to spark your creativity. Discover step-by-step instructions and tips to create stunning pieces that will impress everyone.
Wire wrapped heart pendant tutorial for beginners. How to wire wrap heart pendant. Free Wire wrapped tutorials Valeriy Vorobev.
I use a natural copper wire with a thickness of 1 mm for the base (frame) and 0.4 mm for the weaving. You can use any wire you wish.
To create most of the jewelry on this blog, we need a small set of hand tools. Of course, later, when you want to make more complicated wire jewelry you will need to buy a few more special tools. Wire Jewellery, Wire Wrapped Jewellery, Wire Jewelry Making, Wire Jewelry Patterns, Wire Wrapped Bracelet, Wire Jewelry, Wire Wrapped Jewelry Tutorials, Wire Jewelry Designs, Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Wire wrapped heart pendant tutorial for beginners. How to wire wrap heart pendant. Free Wire wrapped tutorials Valeriy Vorobev. Today we will make not just one wire wrapped heart pendant from wire, but several of them. All lessons are designed for beginners. What wire will we use to make the wire wrapped heart pendant pendant?

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Erika Pal's Wire Prong Pendant | Contemporary Wire Jewelry

Erika Pal's Wire Prong Pendant, Contemporary Wire Jewelry. Coiling, Coiling Wire, Wire Coiling, Loops, Wire Loop, Wrapped Wire Loop. This pattern uses just your wire to make all the prongs you need to hold in the cabochon stone.

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How to Wire Wrap Irregular Stones : 10 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

How to Wire Wrap Irregular Stones: One day my Granny handed me this little tumbled stone that a friend of hers had given her and knowing I made jewelry, asked me if I could turn it into a pendant for her. In the jewelry making world we can be quite obsessed with symmetry and only u…

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Diy Rock Jewelry How To Make, Wire Working Tutorials, How To Do Wire Wrapping, Easy Wire Wrapping Beads, Wire Wrap Stone Tutorial, Wire Wrapped Stone Tutorial, Jewelry Wrapping Ideas, Basic Wire Wrapping Techniques, Free Wire Wrapping Tutorial Step By Step

In this blog post, I discuss a few simple wire wrapping techniques for anyone who is starting out. If you are new to wire jewelry making, you may be feeling a little lost or overwhelmed so hopefully this will help a bit. Before you get started, you should be familiar with how to make jump rings and how to make an wrapped eye loop. You can bookmark this page for easy reference OR if you are the type who prefers a PRINTABLE version of these simple wire wrapping techniques, read below for more…

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