Witch necklace

Explore our collection of witch necklaces and add a touch of magic to your style. Find the perfect accessory to enhance your mystical aura and cast a spell of elegance.
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Purple Pentacle Necklace Wiccan, Occult, and Witch Jewelry Pentagram Charm Star - Etsy

Attract mystery, magic and creativity with this purple pentacle Necklace! The pentacle charm measures 1 inch across and is adorned with a glass prism that sparkles in the sun! At the right angle it will reflect light and cast small rainbows! A great accessory for ritual attire, Handfasting, a renaissance faire outfit, cosplay outfit or everyday wear! Hang it in a window or on your review mirror and enjoy the rainbows and light it casts! Who knows, it may even attract faeries! Pentagrams are…

Erika Maria Gutierrezperez
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Black Purple Zirconia Witch Necklace Moon Choker Gothic Jewelry

☪️ Add a touch of magic to your style with our Black Purple Zirconia Witch Necklace! This enchanting moon choker is perfect for anyone who embraces the power of the unknown. The gothic design is sure to make a statement and add a unique touch to any outfit. ✨🌙 #witchyvibes #gothicstyle

Saige Embry Varlett