Witch pentacle

Enhance your spiritual practice with captivating witch pentacle ideas. Discover how to incorporate this powerful symbol into your rituals and spells for a deeper connection with the divine.
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A pentacle is a five-pointed upright star with a circle around it, whereas the pentagram is a five-pointed upright star without the circle. From an occult perspective, pentacles are representative of "white" magic and "good." It also represents man's intellect and reason. Often times pentacles are used as talisman-inanimate objects laced with psychic powers. Pentacles also represent the "feminine element Earth." Following this "Earth" line of thinking, one particular advocate of witchcraft…

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We are surrounded by symbols in our waking life and we don't even realize it. You have probably seen at least five symbols today! Symbols are used for logos such as the Spells8 logo, as ways to minimize speech such as the play button on a remote, and as a way to hold space for words. Symbols are used in witchcraft, too, and their meanings and uses vary just as much from one witch to the next.

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