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I have been looking at this pic on and off for a week or two now http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_EEPlIzNkhoA/SoHpPsWN36I/AAAAAAAAAWg/bxeVEKCxboY/s1600/Wooden%2BBoat%2BOriginal2.jpg Surely one of the most beautiful yachts ever designed and built. I'll never own one of course (barring the lottery), but they are such seemingly simple, spare, aestheticaly pleasing boats. I wonder if a scaled down version would be viable?

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Near the Pacific coast in Toledo, Oregon, support for the new youth oriented activities at the floating boat-shop grows. You will remember that a beautiful fixed keel boat made entirely of teak was donated to this project a year ago. That boat is a Teak Lady built in Hong Kong in 1958. You might have read about MaZu here. As fate might have it, one of Mazu's older sisters has now found a home alongside her. Teak Lady #11, Che Hon, was built at the Ah King Slipways, Hong Kong in 1939. Bob and…

The Artful Homestead by Laura Swink
The Irish Heart is Still in Wooden Boats Wooden Boat Plans, Wooden Boat Building, Plywood Boat, Wood Boat Plans, Wooden Canoe, Wooden Boats, Wood Boat Building, Wooden Sailboat, Wooden Ship

#woodenboat – Wood used to be the material of choice for boat-building. But it has long since been superseded by glassfibre and other variations of plastic, while aluminium – for more than two centuries the "metal of the future" - is now widely accepted for small boats which get rough usage but little maintenance. Yet wood still talks to us. It's part of what we are. W M Nixon takes a look at some current Irish wooden boat-building projects. It's one of the most natural things in the world…

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