Writing dialogue prompts

Enhance your writing skills with these captivating dialogue prompts. Discover creative ideas to inspire and develop realistic conversations for your stories.
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50 Times People Tried To Spread Hate Online But Got Shut Down With Savage Comebacks – DEFUSED

Is this about a generation gap or some people are just plain rude? What have we come to? You'd think people would be more sensitive towards other humans. Whether it's a different cast, religion, race, or if someone has a different sexual preference. The world of social media has made us so much more modern

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This Online Group Documents How Upside-Down The World Of Capitalism Is, And Here Are 50 Of Its Best Memes

When you get up and go to work each morning, do you look forward to your trip to the office? Or are you dreading the day from the moment you wake up and spending 8 hours dreaming of when you’re finally off the clock again? Unfortunately, it’s quite common for people to hate their jobs, as a whopping 70% of workers report feeling dissatisfied with their career choices. So if you’re one of those people, you might need to take 10 minutes out of your day to deal with your lack of passion for…