Ww1 posters

Explore a collection of powerful WW1 posters that convey inspiring messages and historical significance. Get a glimpse into the past and discover the artistic and propaganda techniques used during this period.
"Are YOU in this?" ~ British WWI poster. Great early artillery and puttees. Puttees would have been useful in WWII but were not used. Ww1 Poster, Ww1 Propaganda Posters, Ww1 Posters, Ww2 Propaganda, Baden Powell, Ww2 Posters, Wwii Posters, Military Poster, Recruitment Poster

Are You in This?

Image No: Poster -127 Title: "Are You in This?" Date: 1915 Photographer/Illustrator: Baden-Powell, Robert Remarks: Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, London, Poster no. 112. Patriotic posters from the First World War urged citizens to join the war effort in the armed forces, in industry, and by nursing. Another copy is in the Imperial War Museum in London, England. Subject(s): British Army - Recruiting, enlistment, etc. / Posters / World War, 1914-1918 - Posters Order this photo from…

Eric Coggin