Zero energy house

Discover innovative ideas to design and build a zero-energy house that promotes sustainable living. Create an eco-friendly home that reduces energy consumption and helps save the environment.
This net-zero home produces no waste or carbon – aesthetics & sustainability co-existing in architecture! | Yanko Design

Architects and designers all over the world are trying their best to incorporate sustainability in their work. Biodegradable, carbon-neutral, eco-friendly, etc. are not just trends or buzzwords, these imply that we may have potential solutions to reduce the load on our planet and slow down the climate crisis. Sustainable structures create an impact on an

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Passive solar design is based on utilizing the sun's heat energy and its predictable movements through the seasons. As the Earth rotates around the sun on its annual cycle, it is tilted at an angle on its vertical axis. This impacts how the sun's rays strike various locations on Earth. The Earth is its most

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It is possible to create a home that produces as much energy as it uses (or more). Here, the experts give their thoughts and advice on creating homes that produce all of their own energy.

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