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DIY Deep Learning Projects

Akshay Bahadur is one of the great examples that the Data Science community at LinkedIn gave. There are great people in other platforms like Quora, StackOverflow, Youtube, here, and in lots of forums…

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10 Artificial Intelligence Illustrations

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Create A Neural Network That Classifies Diabetes Risk In 15 Lines of Python

Learn about neural network models, and build a neural network in 15 lines of Python with Keras to predict health risks.Join the community on Discord: https:/...

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The What, Where and How of Data Science

Data Science is a term that escapes any single complete definition, which makes it difficult to use, especially if the goal is to use it correctly. Most articles and publications use the term freely…

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StepUp Analytics

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Regression Analysis at a Glance

Regression Analysis is the go-to method for analyzing data – but do you know how it works? Whether it’s totally new to you or you just need a quick refresher, this graphic breaks down the basics. Learn why and when to use regression analysis and see how it works with a real-world example.

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Python Cheatsheet | R Cheatsheet For Machine Learning

Python and R cheat sheets for machine learning algorithms. It contains codes on data science topics, decision trees, random forest, gradient boost, k means.

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Top 12 interesting careers in Big Data

Big Data has moved past its due date of just being a buzz, and we may not realize but we are already part of the movement. From data driven strategizing to dec…

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Best Machine Learning Books for Beginners ( 2019 Updated ) |

The following list offers the Top 15 Best Python Machine Learning Books for Beginners I recommend you to read. Once you’re done, you will have a VERY solid handle on the field. What would you be able to anticipate from reading these books on this list? The criteria I used to

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Math for Machine Learning: Open Doors to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

EBOOK (PDF) From self-driving cars and recommender systems to speech and face recognition, machine learning is the way of the future. Would you like to learn the mathematics behind machine learning to enter the exciting fields of data science and artificial intelligence? There aren't many resources out there that give simple detailed examples and that walk you through the topics step by step. This book not only explains what kind of math is involved and the confusing notation, it also…

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15 Recommended Sites to Learn Data Science - ADDI AI 2050

Top websites to learn Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence including from Google, Microsoft, MIT, IBM, Coursera Online Learning, Udacity Courses on Machine Learning, DataQuest, Data Science Masters, Galvanize, edX courses, Medium: Inside Machine Learning, CalTech – Learning from Data, Kaggle Wiki, KDnuggets, Data Science Central, Cognitive Class and Data Science Weekly.

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5 of the Best YouTube Tutorials on Machine Learning

YouTube is an excellent resource for people wanting to learn pretty much anything. Below are 5 of my top pick YouTube tutorials to learn machine learning.

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Best Machine Learning Courses

Take the Best Machine Learning Courses online. Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that uses statistical models to perform tasks.