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Η ιστορία ενός νεαρού κινηματογραφιστή

Η ιστορία ενός νεαρού κινηματογραφιστή

Alice Cat

i want this as a tattoo i think ts beautiful espically the colouring and i love the quote and i think its great how it combines the new alice in wonderland movie and the old cartoon one you may have noticed i'm not all there myself, chesire cat, tattoo --

Foreign Beggars I love you

don't stop- foster the people (the Fat Rat Remix)

alice in wonderland tattoo

Medway, MA-based tattoo artist Holly Azzara has condensed the story of Alice in Wonderland — from rabbit hole to Cheshire Cat to Red Queen — into one glorious full-back, double-sleeve tattoo.


Lady Viola billed as "the most beautiful tattooed woman in the world"; she wasn't only a circus tattooed lady but also a tattoo artist: in at the age of she was known as the oldest performing tattoo artist in the world.