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Give me 8 more reps baby...

A poll taken by Disaronno, voted Titanic's front-of-ship scene, in which Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose Bukater (Kate Winslet) go to the front of the doomed cruise liner and pretend to fly, the most romantic movie moment of all time.

Alittle motivation for you...

I never 'ride' the escalator.always taking the stairs. Sad thing is, I'm usually the only one doing it, while the escalator is packed full of people just standing there watching me move. What is wrong with people?

Remember Diet!

If I had a dollar for every diet I've ever done, I would have as many dollars as there are diets. I did Weight Watchers. We had to eat liver. I did a liquid diet thing when I was teacheing.

Put me in a home...

Funny pictures are great by themselves but sometimes a caption can change the way you look at the photos. Here is a collection of funny pictures with captions that will make you laugh and possibly question your humor!