SODER Πολυέλαιος

SÖDER chandelier, Diameter: 28 " Height: 32 " Cord length: 3 ' 3 " Diameter: 72 cm Height: 80 cm Cord length: m -paint it purple and add to jaycee's room

ALVINE Διακοσμητικό μαξιλάρι

Perfect to match my couch! ALVINE FLORA Cushion IKEA Embroidered with yarn in different colors. Adds life and texture to the cushion cover.

DUKTIG Κουτί εργαλείων

Gifts for Kids - Fixing and building whatever they can imagine, kids will love pretending with the DUKTIG kid Baby


IKEA EIVOR CIRKEL Rug, high pile White/red cm The dense, thick pile dampens sound and provides a soft surface to walk on.

IKEA/PS Ρολόι δαπέδου

IKEA/PS Ρολόι δαπέδου


VILSHULT Picture IKEA Motif created by Greg Stott. The motif is in place and the picture is ready to hang.

EKORRE Κουνιστό κάθισμα, ελάφι

EKORRE Rocking moose IKEA Rocking helps develop a child's sense of balance and the brain to sort sensory impressions.


GISLEV rug, low pile, red Length: 6 5 Width: 4 4 Surface density: 5 oz/sq ft Length: 195 cm Width: 133 cm Surface density: 1450 g/m²

LILLABO  Βασικό σετ τρένου

LILLABO basic train set IKEA Possible to make different formations and has a total track length of 300 cm.

KLAPPAR  Λούτρινο παιχνίδι

For every soft toy, children’s book or kid’s meal you buy between Nov the IKEA foundation Euro (apprx. to UNICEF and Save the Children, to help kids in need get a quality education. What a great way to buy a gift AND donate to a great cause!

IKEA/365+  Σταντ σερβιρίσματος, από διαφανές γυαλί / ανοξείδωτο ατσάλι

IKEA 365 Serving platter, 3 tiers - IKEA--need And would be beautiful covered in chikkinmas ornaments!

FIXA Κατσαβίδι/τρυπάνι

IKEA - FIXA, Screwdriver/drill, lithium-ion, Two-speed cordless screwdriver/drill, one gear with low speeds for powerful screwdriving and one gear with high speeds for torque settings for driving allows you to adjust the amount of torque

KLAPPAR Κουδουνίστρα

Visit IKEA for fun kids' toys and arts and crafts designed to spark your child's imagination and creativity.