Spring Time

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Και αυτή την άνοιξη ανακαλύπτουμε μαζί μοναδικές ιδέες διακόσμησης για το σπίτι.
HOGSTEN πολυθρόνα, HOGSTEN υποπόδιο, IKEA PS VAGO πολυθρόνα

Go outside and decorate your terrace, porch or any other outdoor space you have and enjoy it.

TARNO τραπέζι και 2 καρέκλες

The balcony is where you will spend the time to take a vacation every day. Design balcony is also very interesting and inspiring as an outdoor gallery from IKEA

APPLARO τραπέζι με πτυσσόμενο φύλλο, APPLARO πολυθρόνα με ρυθμιζόμενη πλάτη

IKEA ÄPPLARÖ reclining chairs, outdoor Brown stained As the drop-leaves can be folded and removed, you can quickly adjust the table size.

SOCKER ανθοστήλη

IKEA - SOCKER, Plant pot with holder, You can hang the flower box and plant pot from a balcony rail and create a decorative garden, even in a small space.

SOLVINDEN φωτιστικά

First there were glow-worms, but now you can have glow fruit in your garden. IKEA's new SOLVINDEN solar-powered floor lamps are both quirky and environmentally friendly. Park between your shrubs or next to walkways to cast a moody light after sunset.

SOMMAR 2015 δίσκος μοτίβο αχλαδιού

Nothing found for Fa Sommarfeeling Med Ikeas Nya Var Och Sommar Kollektion

FALSTER τραπέζι, FALSTER καρέκλα με μπράτσα

Made of durable plastic, the IKEA FALSTER outdoor furniture series has the look and feel of wood but doesn’t require all the upkeep to create a comfortable outdoor dining space.

SOMMAR 2015 χαλί, χαμηλή πλέξη, RORHOLT χαλί, χαμηλή πλέξη

Whether you’re soaking in the sun, watching fireworks or enjoying a picnic, a SOMMAR 2015 rug is your ultimate summer companion.