Greek Alphabet

My grade teacher taught us the Greek alphabet and we studied percy Jackson to learn Greek mythology; needless to say BEST WEEK EVAR<<<what teacher is this? I want that teacher

Tina Onassis and Maria Callas

Athina Onassis and Maria Callas Sitting Together on Steps - - Rights Managed - Stock Photo - Corbis

1960 ~ Fokionos Negri str. in Kypseli,  Athens

Fokionos Negri in Kypseli ~ Athens The place we called home, on holidays and weekends away from boarding schools .

Πειραιάς δεκαετία 1950

Παλιά καφενεία

A traditional Greek kafenion from the past. We would sit with our father and grandfather and eat the little food that accompanied the ouzo, like mini stuffed eggplants.

1960s Greek cinema comedies -Το κοροιδακι της δεσποινιδος

1960s Greek cinema comedies -Το κοροιδακι της δεσποινιδος

Aliki (Greek BB)

Aliki Vougiouklaki Famous Greek Actress Just a perfect woman!