Ioannis Komianos

Ioannis Komianos

Ioannis Komianos
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Non-Slip Mono Knot

Simple and secure rope knots for WSS Camping Hammock. I think I'd add another step and loop the line back on itself at the end, so it could be pulled free when needed.

Fishing: Maxcatch Fly Fishing Vest Mesh Vest Free Size ** Details can be found by clicking on the image.

V-mesh vest: This vest is born for outdoors man (fishing hunting hiking and camping)multiple sturdy zip compartment provides multiple function. This V-mesh vest can fit for the most body comfort.

Fishing Maps by Season - Keys to Success in Tournament Fishing

Read our tips for time management at fishing tournaments. Once you put in the preparation, you can let your talent take care of the rest!

Know Your Retrieves

Even if you are fishing with the perfect jig, the wrong technique can, and likely will, keep you from catching fish. There are monsters lurking down there and you have the perfect spot in your man cave for a new trophy. Make sure you are getting the most