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Manni | White Truffle Infused Olive Oil

MANNI White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil "It’s the most full flavored, luscious oil I've ever tasted” - The Los Angeles Times

unique olive oil  packaging design

Philippos Pyrialas - Unique Greek Products — World Packaging Design Society / 世界包裝設計社會 / Sociedad Mundial de Diseño de Empaques

Дизайн упаковки оливкового масла

As with all treasures, our cherished olive oil is delicate and fragile. Light, be it naturalor artificial, alongside heat and oxygen is detrimental to its quality, can causerancidity and accelerates oxidation. In order to safe keep our precious olive oi…

OLIO D'OLIVA #olive #oil #packaging

Olive oil bottle for single use on restaurant tables. - Since there was passed a new law in some countries of europe, that no longer allows offering refillable oil bottles in restaurants, I invented this interactive packaging for extra virgin olive oil…

Kubrick and Nabakov fans will love this one. Lolita Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil bottle design by Sidecar.

What caught my attention about this design was the image in the middle, the heart upside down. At first I thought it was a mustache, do you agree?