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Harajuku pastel goth omg b/w leggings with that hose on top! next on my list!

Harajuku pastel goth omg b/w leggings with that hose on top! Need the garters and rainbow socks

not the colour, the cute style :3

kawaii cute dyed hair pink blue purple lavender pastel sunglasses japan japanese fashion harajuku fairy kei girl awwww so cute!

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Street Style: the Fashion Overdose on the Streets.

Harajuku fashions Tokyo, Dokidoki

Harajuku fashions Tokyo, from iconic Harajuku brand

Pastel Goth  I love the hemline on the shorts and I need those boots.

cat lost girl happy sad fashion beautiful skinny fun pink Clothes bows smile nice girly dreaming smiling pink hair hakuna matata goth Redhead pastel goth cat ears having fun lost in my world no wories

Guide to what kinds of jewelry to wear with different necklines. Great tips for prom jewelry or formal occasions!

Accessories add the finishing touches to any outfit. Use this handy graphic to match your jewelry with your neckline and keep it chic at all times.

steampunk wedding dress

steampunk wedding dress

I love the idea of panels that look similar to scales or gills, especially with two different colors

Sculptural Fashion - futuristic monochrome dress with layered surface construction; experimental fashion design // Gareth Pugh by adriana

Leather holster, handy - Probably not that hard to imitate with pleather and brads! #Leather #Cargopants #Holster

I kinda dig this "steampunk" leg holster thing :P I wonder if I could make something like this in faux leather. No idea what I would realistically use it for, however.

I think the dark background images really make the gloves stand out more and the details on them

Gabriella Marina Gonzales: Spring Summer The Cyclops Apprentice