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#Herbalife tip: Make veggies your carbs. Skip bread or pasta, & get your carbs & fibre from beans, lentils & peas.😄

#Herbalife tip: Make veggies your carbs. Skip bread or pasta, & get your carbs & fibre from beans, lentils & peas.😄

Essential Oils, Essential Oil Blends, Essential Oil Uses

#Fitness Tip: Carry a pair of hand #weights while you walk - this will tone your #muscles & burn extra calories.🏊‍💧👍

It's not easy to exercise consistently! I find Herbalife products help me to lose weight and fuel my body with good nutrition that helps me to exercise! It's a win win situation! Please inbox me for more details.

#Herbalife tip: Move to eat & eat to move Eating properly fuels exercise & more activity means higher calorie needs. 💪

It takes about 30 days for new routines to take place. Just 1 month of effort helps establish better habits for life ✔️

Rambling about fitness won't get you fit, less chatting more doing please. What is your workout plan today? #Action 🏃🏃🏃

tip: Habits can take less than a month to build so make today first day of your health & fitness habit!

With practice, your body can physically adapt to greater demand. Train hard and request more from your body! #Fitness 💪

Work out while you walk! Try doing upper body weights🏋️with dumbbells on your next walk - great cardio and strength combo.

#Herbalife cooking idea: Veggies for breakfast! Try adding baby spinach in your shake or chopped peppers & tomato with your eggs. 🍅🍳🥕

Snack keeps our blood sugar stable, especially when we are living busy lives & working out. Healthy snack ideas Thursdays with Newtricise.

Nobody ever said you had to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. #StartToday 🏁🌟

stretches can help you feel peaceful at the end of a exhausting day, look at some right before going to bed.

The variation between try and triumph is the 'umph'. #triumphant 🙌🏋️ #Motivation

👍Work yourself out of your comfort zone one day at a time for sustainable fitness. Don't push yourself to the max during every single workout.

#Herbalife tip: Don't throw in the towel on your fitness goals; instead use it to wipe up the sweat from your workout! 😔

fit tip: Ladies, wearing a supported sports bra can assist in preventing poor posture caused by tight straps.