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an image of a diagram with the letters and numbers on it
The golden mean applied to guitar proportions Credit to Kertsopoulos
several rows of wooden boards stacked on top of each other in different positions and sizes
Guitar Neck (Profiles)
Music: Guitar Neck (Profiles): Check out our beautiful collection of motorbikes at
a small wooden device is sitting on the floor
Homemade Guitar Side Bending Jig
Guitar Side Bending Jig
a wooden machine that is sitting on top of some kind of stand up tool holder
Acoustic Guitar Parts
an unusual looking table with a candle in it
Installing the Sides
Building an acoustic guitar in your kitchen.
a close up of a wooden object in a room
jocambrer: Shaping an acoustic guitar (by... on imgfave
jocambrer: Shaping an acoustic guitar (by... on imgfave
the diagram shows three different types of lines that are parallel to each other, and one is
Image result for guitar neck gluing jig
a close up view of the frets on a guitar's neck and bridge
Tools and jigs
Fret file and many other tools for instrument building