Beautiful picture... Trikala - Thessaly - greece

Trikala in winter, Greece. A most beautiful "un-touristy" place.

Waterfall - Palaiokaria, Trikala, Greece

Beautiful Photos – makes me want to paint!

"Autumn Interlude" Waterfall at Palaiokaria, Trikala, Greece (photo by Maria Kaimaki,

Oh I would love this!! Climbers of the holy rocks - Meteora, Trikala

Meteora, Greece photo - Climbers of the holy rocks by Cretense. I need to learn how to rock climb.

Southern Pindos - Palaiochori, Trikala Hellas Greece

This photo from Trikala, Thessaly is titled 'Landscape in Southern Pindos'.

Antiparos, Cyclades Islands, Greece

Antiparos, Hellas (Antiparos, Greece) - Doesn't look much until you get there.


This beach looks just like a. Leftos Yalos beach is surrounded by greyish rocks and covered with white pebbles or fine grits.