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Ilias Zacharakis

Ilias Zacharakis
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As Above, So Below As The Universe, So The Soul As Without, So Within Art Print ~ Amethyst and the Moon

#wisdom #quotes

Our signs are made from reclaimed wood to give you that rustic look and of proceeds goes to help rebuild areas hit by natural disasters. We hope to bring everything full circle. Sign Measures: X (KL: Tat quote?

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Realism half sleeve with an owl portrait and a forest. Tattoo by Eliot .

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για quotes about limits

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για quotes about limits

41 #tatuajes inspiradora y sobre todo blanco y negro para inspirar a su próxima sesión de tinta...

Torn between this and the one with the "home quote". Compass Tattoo with quote - "Before you ask which way to go, remember where you've been.

Owl woman tattoo

Owl woman tattoo

owl tattoo

Fell der Eule am Hals tatuajes

Owl tattoo

By Artist: Located: Toronto, Canada. Hit him up for booking info.

This is gorgeous!  Currently looking for some ideas to cover up my tattoo on my calf

Done by Tom Bartley, tattoo artist at Tattooed Warrior Tattoo Studio (Brisbane)…

Art prints: 30 awesome and modern artworks we should buy now

Applied art commercial art print illustration by Norman Duenas titled "A Butterfly Effect." I really love the artists combination of nature with the human figure/skull and the depiction of a clock. It gives a great sense of the passage of time.