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the interior of a diner with checkered flooring and blue booth booths, white walls, and neon lights
Retrô Do francês rétro, palavra usada para descrever roupas de épocas anteriores, no mínimo de vinte anos passados. Muitos estilistas apresentam trajes retrô em suas coleções. Essas roupas, embora tenham uma proposta reformista, são revividas para funcionar com o visual do momento. Nos anos 90,calças boca-de-sino e crochês, duas ideias características dos anos 60,reapareceram nas coleções, mas de forma mais sofisticada e na corrente em voga.
an old fashioned kitchen with pink and blue accents
This is a perfect kitchen! It's so cute and tiny!
an outdoor swimming pool next to the ocean with people in it and umbrellas on either side
Planning a Trip to Europe | At Home In Love
europe trip planning - cinque terre, italy
people sitting at tables in front of a building with purple flowers on the outside wall
Best of Summer in London - A Local's Guide to the Season
The beautiful Peggy Porschen Cakes shop decorated with flowers for summer in London’s Belgravia. #shop #london #belgravia #summer #flowers
a woman standing in front of a counter with pink chairs and flowers hanging from the ceiling
Absolutely my dream to have a cake shop aka cafe like this!! The interior is AMAZING @elancafe
the entrance to a coffee shop with red lights
a room with pink furniture and pictures on the wall, including a vanity table and chair
Pink and white nursery decor | girls bedroom ideas and inspiration for home decorating| Tendance déco Modern Copper – Joli boudoir | Maisons du Monde
two pink drinks sitting on top of a wooden table
《pinterest: paigelikes 》
a small pig sitting on top of a pink bed in front of a refrigerator freezer
♡ Breakfast at Shawna's ♡
pink boxes stacked on top of each other with white letters and numbers painted on them
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a person holding up a wine bottle with a bow on it
Pinterest @18Redhead
an open pink book on a white surface