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the inside of a bus with lots of seats and windows on it's sides
the moon is shining through the trees by the water
a person standing in the snow next to a tree and a dog laying on the ground
a cat sitting on the window sill looking out at raindrops in the distance
kitty !!
a city street covered in snow at night
the full moon is seen through some trees and bushes on the water's edge
@ kerrigrayy ☆
a window with rain drops on it and a mountain in the distance, from inside
a person is holding their finger up in front of a window with rain drops on it
the sun is setting behind some trees on a foggy day
the stairs lead up to an empty room
the inside of a subway car with two benches and one bench on the other side
the rain is falling down on the window and it looks like they are going to fall
Rainy bus ride to school 🫠
dark storm clouds loom over an apartment building