silver pendant necklace, black leather necklace, long necklace, statement necklace, large necklace, silver beads  pendant, stylish necklace. by danielapalatnik on Etsy

Drop silver pendant, Long necklace, Statement necklace, Large necklace, Silver necklace, Stylish necklace, Pendant necklace, Classic style

Washer pendant with alcohol ink. Finished with a charm, cording and bead.

Washer pendant with alcohol ink. Finished with a charm, cording and bead.

how to wire wrap a briolette step by step tutorial {+ video}

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

This video and photos show you step by step how to wire wrap a briolette drop. This type of wire wrap is also sometimes referred to as a “triangle wrap” because of the way the wire forms a triangle shape at the top of the bead. Wire wrapped briolettes are


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DIY Flower Shamballa Bracelet

Shop for Beads Flower Braided Bracelet,Okajewelry Adjustable Cord Shamballa Beaded Flower Braided Bracelet Black features the shamballa bead flower.

Onyx Mala Bead Necklace Black Onyx Mala por goodmedicinegemstone

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Kit de 5 pulseiras, confeccionadas em macramé com cordão encerado na cor rosa, sendo: - 1 pulseira com coração de strass - 1 pulseira com pedra natural ágata rosa de 6 mm e rondelas de strass - 1 pulseira de corrente de strass em banho dourado - 1 pulseira contendo 1 bola de strass de 10 mm ...

Kit pulseiras coração e ágata rosa

Bracelet shamballa agatha pink - 5 separate bracelets to wear in any combination or alone

Great Gatsby-Pearl Strand Tassel Necklace & the Daisy Ring set with Onyx in sterling silver