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three different views of a modern house at night and day
This contemporary architectural gem effortlessly blends innovation with tranquility. Sleek lines, expansive glass panels, and a captivating pool area surrounded by a lush oasis create a serene and enchanting atmosphere. Towering trees, dappled shadows, and soothing water features add to the magical ambiance. A remarkable sculpture stands as a testament to human creativity, evoking wonder and awe.
four different views of a modern house from the ground up
This modern architecture seamlessly connects indoor and outdoor spaces with wide windows and see-through walls. The landscape features large plants, creating a tranquil ambiance. An outdoor lounge and pool area provide ultimate comfort. The design is spacious and minimalist, with abundant natural light and panoramic views. This architectural masterpiece harmonizes with nature, offering a serene and inviting environment.
a living room filled with furniture and a statue
Architecture with its natural setting
With clean, simple lines, this architecture fits elegantly into its natural setting. Its wide open spaces make it feel not only luxurious but also warm. 🏢 Let’s Create Your Dream Home 📐 Get A Quote --> #imakergroup #imakerfurniture #luxury #villa #luxuryhomes #riyadh #saudiarabia #ksa #modernarchitecture #homedesigns #homedecors #homedesignideas
an outdoor living area with couches and chairs in front of a building at night
Neoclassical home in Riyadh
The Neoclassical home is perfect for the modern family who wants to enjoy their nights around a cozy fireplace. تمتلك الواجهات النيوكاسيكية قدرة استثنائيية للفت الأنظار كل ذلك بسبب عناصرها المميزة و التي تجمع بين الأناقة و الحداثة في آن معاً 🏢 Let’s Create Your Dream Home 📐 Get A Quote --> #imakergroup #homedesignideas #luxurylifestyle #comfortablehomes #architecturedesigns #facade #مودرن #مودرن_هوم #السعودية #الرياض
Design, Architecture, Interior, luxury home. Render by iMaker Group. Home Décor, Interior Design, Design, Luxury, Interior Architecture Design
Amazing Architecture & Interior Design (Render by iMaker Group)
Luxury is about comfort, elegance, and naturalness. It’s about the way you feel when you walk into a room and how much you enjoy being there. It’s about creating spaces that are welcoming, and uplifting and make people feel good about themselves. A project by iMaker Group
an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by two buildings
Modern Contemporary Architecture
A modern contemporary mansion with a spacious open front yard and back yard, attractive exterior design, and glass windows. The symmetrical design adds balance and beauty to the exterior. Nothing compares to the exterior of a modern home.
an outdoor living area with lounge chairs and plants in the foreground, next to a pool
Modern Landscape Design
This project is more than just aesthetics; it makes a statement. The vegetation aspects are beautifully portrayed in landscape design and are all connected by the same materials and circulation.
an outdoor swimming pool with chaise lounges and umbrellas next to the house
Pool Architecture and Landscape Design
An expansive courtyard surrounded with nature, with a pool taking the center stage. It's truly a garden of paradise within the boundaries of your villa.
an artist's rendering of the exterior of a large white building with pool and trees
Glass Facade Engineering
The façade engineering landscape has seen noteworthy advancements, making glass one of the significant building materials for modern structures.
a black car is parked in front of a white house
Classical Villa Architecture
This Luxury Villa is the ultimate of understated opulence. With its emphasis in order, symmetry, and harmony, it is a true classic antiquity.
Modern Luxury Villa Architecture Residential Architecture, Behance, Best Modern House Design
Modern Luxury Home
There is a saying that “Simplicity is complex. It's never simple to keep things simple. Simple solutions require the most advanced thinking."
Luxurious Villa Modern Bungalow, Modern Bungalow House, Modern Bungalow House Design, Residential Apartments, Bungalow House Design, Luxury Homes
Luxury Lifestyle
Designed for a higher quality of life in a beautifully constructed inspired home. Design clarity in terms of form, function, and timelessness was a priority for us. This mansion embodies a blend of raw edge, cozy warmth, and thoughtful lighting. Full-height windows at each level and tall floor-to-ceiling windows improve the sense of space and help connect the interiors with the iconic surroundings. Additionally, it offers great access to cross-ventilation and daylight.
Luxurious New Classic Villa Facade, House, Royal Garden
Grandeur Villa
The outside design of a luxury villa in neoclassical style with all of its distinctive elements. The mansion's front is embellished with beautiful elements, including a large chandelier at the entryway, a hanging garden, and column mimics on the walls. When you reach the villa's courtyard, you are greeted by a beautiful landscape that gives you the feeling of being in a royal garden. This luxury villa's exclusive exterior is a superb illustration of classic beauty done in a modern approach.
Designing a Modern Home Modern Home Design, Home Design
Modern Home Design
It's not just about beauty when it comes to designing a home; it's also about practicality. The homeowners' character and individuality are also reflected in the design choices.
Luxurious Kitchen and Bar counter Wood, Areas, Color Palette
Kitchen and Bar counter
Food is required to begin a celebration with family and friends. Having a kitchen available not only makes catering easier, but it also provides more area for guests and family members to hang out, eat, or assist. The dark oak wood complements the pearl white color palette of the surroundings, creating a really pleasant atmosphere.