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DIY Drones Biggest DIY drone building website: DIY Drones Biggest DIY drone building website The post DIY Drones…

There are many drones on the market, but this might be the last one you need! #Techonolgy #YankoDesign #Drone

DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter Version for GoPro Camera Hero 1 2 3 Silver Black and other actioncams + DJI Extra Set Self Tightening Propellers + Carbon Fiber Anti Vibration Anti-Jello Mount + Koozam Cleaning Cloth Extra Value Bundle

90 Degrees Uniform Motion Transmitter

This was the label it came with. I disagree with the 'uniform' bit. Having said that, it's an awesome mechanism.

Involute wheel ... we can see that each pair of gear teeth has an instant contact point, called the pitch-point ... and it moves along one single line as the gears rotate. This line is called the line of action and it is the common internal tangent of the two circles. In other words, the involutes of the two circles are always tangent to each other at a point on their common internal tangent.

Involute wheel - best example of lever power transmission on a rolling tooth shows why gear don't wear but roll. The design is brilliant (Steve Burrows)