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Viva la vespa! The two figurines of scooters you see in the image below are an ode to the first models that were made right after the second world war, in 1946, in Italy. Pretty, aren’t they? #inartstories #HomeDecor #Decoration #Furniture #FurnitureDesign #Scooter #Vespa


This is not just another footstool. It is our designers’ wish-come-true for a really comfortable stool that also looks pretty! Like it? #inartstories #HomeDecor #FurnitureDesign #Furniture #Stools


They are so much more than stones... The beauty of nature inspired our designers to create elegant and exciting pieces… so we can admire nature every day in our home. #inartStories #HomeDecor #Decoration


Figurine inspired by Prima Ballerina Sylvi Guillem’s first solo performance in Don Quixote in 1983. #Inart #EveryPieceHasAstory


Το μπουντουάρ της γιαγιάς. Εκεί όπου χρόνια πριν, στολιζόταν, φορώντας τα πιο λαμπερά της. Είναι η εικόνα που ενέπνευσε τους σχεδιαστές μας για τη σειρά με τα μπουντουάρ. Every piece has a story. #inartStories

Ξέγνοιαστες στιγμές στο λούνα παρκ, με χαρούμενες μουσικές και φωτεινά λαμπιόνια –ήταν η έμπνευση των σχεδιαστών μας για τo χρυσό καρουζέλ της φωτογραφίας και το λευκό αλογάκι. Liking them or loving them? #InartStories

Lighthouses are enigmatic, mysterious and classic decorative pieces for home. The design of the lighthouse featured in the picture below was inspired by Cape Hatteras Lighthouse -the tallest lighthouse in the United States- yet it adorns a more romantic essence than the original! Like it? ‪#‎inartStories‬