Cooooold.....make a Soup :)

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a pot full of vegetable soup with a wooden spoon
Spring Minestrone Soup
This spring minestrone soup is a fresh and flavorful take on traditional tomato-based minestrone. Colorful, seasonal spring vegetables, creamy mini potatoes, savory pesto, and sharp parmesan cheese make this vibrant soup stand out. It's a versatile recipe for a satisfying one-pot meal that will be on the table in under 30 minutes. #theendlessmeal #springminestrone #soup #minestronesoup #springsoup #springrecipe #springvegetables #easysoup
a large pot filled with soup on top of a wooden table next to a spoon
Minestrone soup | Jamie Oliver recipes
a spoon in a bowl filled with green soup
Green Goddess Soup
a black bowl filled with purple liquid next to some fried food on a plate and two pieces of bread
Red cabbage soup - Purple cabbage soup - Vegan & Gluten-free
a pan filled with food on top of a wooden table next to a lemon wedge
Mushroom Curry with Spinach & Chickpeas - The Last Food Blog
Mushroom Curry with Spinach & Chickpeas - #curry #foodie #weeknightmeals
three bowls filled with soup sitting on top of a wooden table
Creamy Chestnut And Cauliflower Soup - Vegan - Let's Brighten Up
three figs sitting in a bowl on top of a marble countertop next to a cup of coffee
French Chestnut Soup - A Hedgehog in the Kitchen
Cozy Roasted Tomato Soup
roasted red pepper and cauliflower soup in a bowl
Vegan Cauliflower Soup with Roasted Red Peppers - The Busy Baker
a red pot filled with pasta and vegetables next to a wooden spoon on top of a table
Italian Orzo Spinach Soup | Gimme Some Oven
a close up of a bowl of mushroom soup
Hungarian Mushroom Soup #SundaySupper
a white bowl filled with vegetable soup on top of a wooden table next to a spoon
Vegetable Soup
bowls of soup and vegetables on a table
Χορτόσουπα της Αργυρώς Μπαρμπαρίγου | Συνταγή |