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a person holding up a branch with leaves in the shape of a heart on a beach
Decorating tree for celebration was always a part of tradition in Greece. Ειρεσιώνη" in ancient Greece was a branch of olive tree decorated with wool (white and red) and several nuts to honor and celebrate the nature's fruition! It is considered to be the ancestor of today's Christmas tree. Happy Christmas with inspiration🎄
an old stone house is lit up at night
With sincere faith in divine and human nature of Jesus, christianity overwhelmed previous polytheistic religions and spread all over the roman empire, altering it to a million-hundred Empire, the Byzantium. We offer both established religious journeys and tailor-made Biblical tours, customized to your time, interests and needs. Let’s craft together your biblical holiday.
the building is white and has a clock tower on it's side, with plants in front of it
Our biblical ventures are inspiring pilgrimages for both parishes of Christ 's followers and for travelers of religious and historical interests. Find your inspiration in Greece with InspirationVentures.
an old castle perched on top of a cliff
From the 9th to 16th century AD orthodox christian monasteries were built on huge physical rocks in central Greece. This complex is known as Meteora (means lofty,elevated) and is the second important after Mount Athos. Though in World War II the site was bombed and many treasures were stolen, Meteora is a holy place accessible to all travelers who want to explore places where beauty of nature, God and spirit of faith become one.
an old stone building with a small window in it's center and light coming from the ceiling
Jesus may have been born in Bethleem, but biblical history unfolds throughout the ancient world. Among the significant sites: Greece, a country that proudly celebrates it’s deep connection to early Christianity. Christian travelers have the opportunity not only to explore biblical sites mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles but also Palaeochristian Temples with catacombs and Byzantine Monuments listed in World Heritage Sites by UNESCO
a cross is hanging from a leather cord on a piece of wood with a chain attached to it
According to the archaeology of the Bible, divine inspiration was born in many sites throughout Greece. Apostle Paul was inspired to write the "Letter to the Corinthians" and John the Evangelist the Apocalypse. Today we celebrate the day of the "Holy Cross". Find your inspiration and live a celebration holidays in Greece
an old bell is hanging on the side of a building with a blue sky in the background
Blending the beauty of Greece – spectacular landscapes and delicious food, rich history and endless blue sea – with the sites you’ve read about in the Bible, we create spiritual christian travels that enhance your Biblical understanding and honour your faith in the Lord.
the sun is setting over an ancient city with columns and pillars in front of a cloudy sky
Religion in greece always played an extremely important role in every aspect of people's life. Temples of the ancient gods, byzantine temples and contemporary christian churches are everywhere, ready to be discovered and to reveal not only the art but also the philosophy and the thought which inspired greeks to their construction. Join us and find your inspiration in Greece #religion #greece #ancient #gods #temple #byzantium #christian #church #art #philosophy #inspiration #discover
a painting of a man wearing a hat
The Eastern and Oriental Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Anglican, and Lutheran churches believe that Mary, as mother of Jesus, is the Mother of God. Today we celebrate the end of her earthly life and it is considered as one of the most important celebrations of Christianity. #byzantine #heritage survives lively in contemporary #greece. Join us to #discover it!
two stone sculptures sitting next to each other
The east part of Roman Empire was evolved to a completely different Empire, known as Byzantium, with two basic qualities: orthodox christian dogma and particularly use of greek language. Today's Greece has two legacies to share with every traveller: ancient past and byzantine. Discover with us every aspect of them.
an old house on top of a cliff
#greek #history is consisted on #ancient #greek #heritage, #roman and #byzantine past equally! #discover with @inspirationventures every aspect of this multicultural heritage in Greece! #history #philosophy or #christianity are revealed in every step!
the blue water is surrounded by white cliffs
Similar to #odysseus legendary #travel, #inspirationventures "Summer Odyssey Tour" gives you new experiences on the #ancient #greek land and sea. Small #picturesque harbors, lost cities and hidden #treasures are to be discovered by you! Join us for an exciting #trip of #discovery where you’ll live the moment exploring Greece’s #cultural treasures, amazing landscapes, legendary seas and #locallife
the ancient ruins are surrounded by trees and mountains
#gods #heroes #scriptures With #inspirationventures you will be lead on an inspiring journey through #antiquity , early #christianity , the Byzantine era and Greek #orthodox tradition and reach the present within this mythical-religious-historical context
the bell tower is white and has bells on each side
May 21th-The annual celebration of Great Constantine and his mother Helena, who found the #holycross and established #christianity all over the #romanempire is considered as most important to Greeks! #discover with #inspirationventures our #byzantineheritage and get inspired with our #spiritual #christiantours
a white building with a cross on the top of it's roof and windows
Starting with greek mythology with Orpheus and Dionysus and continuing with christian faith with the Messiah, the way to the light through death seems deeply embedded in greek thought. Always enjoy the overwhelming light in Greece! Happy Easter to all