Irw Nteskou
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Vegetable Salsa

This zesty salsa will last up to four days when refrigerated in a sealed container. It can also be served on toasted whole-wheat bread or tofu that is sliced and oven-baked for 10 minutes at 350 degrees.

Chickpea Soup

Chunky and satisfying, this dip is great for a quick and light afternoon snack.

Easy Quinoa Recipes You Can Make Tonight (and Eat for Lunch Tomorrow!) | Martha Stewart

Need a break from quick and easy salads but still want to eat clean? Try quinoa, the heart-healthy, grainy, and protein-packed superfood that should be a regular at mealtime.

Recipe for Noodles from Scratch from The Great Depression | HubPages

Simple recipe for egg and white flour noodles made from scratch and air-dried traces back to the Great Depression and the author's Altoona, Pennsylvania grandmother.