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With that in mind, here’s an infographic with ten tips to write an essay without hating every moment of the process.

As an editor of the high school newspaper, the editor-in-chief of the high school literary magazine, and a college journalism major, I have clearly always been someone who doesn’t mind writing a research paper or an essay. In fact, I welcomed these assign

pretty delicate flowers

pretty delicate flowers, some how makes me think of wedding's. So what the heck!


This vintage pink girls bicycle has beautiful pink flowers in a basket on the front of the bike. Set in a vertical format on a sidewalk. by joyfuldesigns, via Shutterstock

Flower Photography, Nature Photography, White Flowers, Still Life Photography by Claudia Casal // Hello Twiggs

Photography by Claudia Casal // Hello Twiggs-like the effect of how some of it is in focus and other sections are blurred (kind of like a Monet painting)