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an older woman's hands resting on top of another person's hand while they are holding each other
"I SHOULDA BEEN A MERMAID" (Original art by Betzi Stein)
Betzi Stein, "Massage Series"
a painting of three bare feet on a black background
Arsen Roje at Peres Projects Los Angeles -
a painting of a man with his back to the camera, standing in front of a white wall
Standing room only: A modern human portrait
Tai-Shan Schierenberg, Paul Tucker An exhibition of full-body portraits opened at the Flowers gallery in London this week. Depicting the human shape in its different forms - male, female, clothed, naked, twisted, aggressive or impassive, varied works by 15 artists reveal what makes us unique.Claerwen James, Ken Currie and Ishbel Myerscough are among the contributors to ‘Standing Room Only,’ a modern look at the tradition of portrait painting and in... #Itsmesimonok #paintinginspiration
a painting of a man bent over with his hands on his hips and head down
Catmota on Twitter
a painting of a person's bare feet on the ground with a teapot next to it
كُل من في الغرفه لاحظ وقوع الكأس ولك يَلحظ احدُهم رَجفة يده
a painting of people floating in the water
I just found out that a guy in my town is the artist who did this. I'd seen him around for years and had no idea he was this awesome.